What do we do at a weekly Qigong Practice Group?

There are a number of healing facets to Zhineng Qigong. At our weekly practice groups we do something different yet still a part of Zhineng Qigong.

Lift Chi Up - Pour Chi Down ~ a beautiful series of slow movements designed to help us blend our energy with the Hun Yuan (universal) Chi field which encompasses all of nature.

Body - Mind Method Movements ~ Many of us are not aware of what is taking place within our bodies. We don’t notice when something is amiss until it sends us a clear and often painful message. These gentle movements work our whole body energetically and physically. We learn to relax while doing slow, gentle, repetitive movements. Did you know that the health of our arms is reflected in the health of our heart, digestive system and lungs? When we gently strengthen our arms and we improve our health

Sound Healing ~ Sound is vibration. Vibrations can cause harmony or disharmony. In our Sound Healing practice we chant sounds that help to transform unhealthy negative emotions into healthy positive emotions. We chant to each of the five energetic systems within the body. The transformation/healing that takes place is on a physical, emotional and Spiritual level.

Core Improvement Movements ~ created with the energetic and physical health of our spine in mind. The health of our spine is vital. We need our spine to be both strong and flexible to carry us through life. Our spine is the energetic highway of the body. The energy moves up our spine to supply energy to our muscles, tendons, nerves and brains.

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