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Today when we want to find a someone to

  • repair our leaky faucet

  • cut our hair

  • give us a massage

  • groom our dog

  • etc. etc.

   we search the Internet. 



If your business is not growing as quickly as you would like it to, if you are getting as many clients/customers as you would like, it is time to get a website or to recreate the one you have. 





Your Questions....


What does a website cost?

I charge $300.00 to create a 4 page website. Each additional page is $25.00


How do we start?

We will have a 45 minute meeting in person or via phone to discuss your business, your needs, and what you want to achieve through your website.


What do you need to provide?

Typically the things you would give me are a description of your business, location, hours, services, information about you, and photos. I will do editing and proofing of these items but I will not write them. To truly reflect the message you want your customer to have about you and your business is best achieved by using your own words.


How long will it take?

I will have your website ready for you to review within three weeks. I will send you a link to your website and make any revisions you request within the following week. We will have a final review and set the go live date of your website. 


Do you take payments?

$150.00 is due at the start if the project and the balance is due before the go live date.


Who will maintain my website?

You have two options:

I will make minor updates for an hourly fee of $20.00 with a 30 minute minimum. 

I will teach you how to make minor updates - $60.00 for a one hour meeting.


Are there additional charges?

If you don't already have one, you will need a domain (website) name. I will tell you how to do that. Domain names are about $12.00 a year. 


Wix has different plans from no cost and then going  up in price based on the features. A year. Some include a domain name. I will explain the differences in the plans so you can decide which is best for your business. Beyond this there are no additional fees. 


Will you include Search Option Optimization (SEO) when you create my website?

Yes, SEO is a very important step in creating a website. In those old paper phone books the business names that started with the letter "A" were listed first. That is not  true with Internet searches. I want to make sure that Internet search engines find your business so I do a test on the SEO of each page on your website. 





About me...


I began creating websites in 2007 because a friend needed one for her business and didn't know a website designer. I like a challenge, like working with computers, and like creating thing so I thought I'd give it a try. Since then I have created a number of websites for various other businesses.


When I decided to give my website, www. a total make over, I learned about creating websites using templates from Wix. In the past I used Wordpress when creating a website so this was a learning experience for me. I loved working with Wix so much that I decided to take the training and become a Wix certified website designer. 


I completed my training on February 13th and I am ready to take my website designing hobby to a new level.


Below is a list of the websites I've created using Wix templates.



In today's world, if your business is not on the Internet, you are not going to be found.  The  business that  is on the Internet is the one that is going to get the phone call, get the business, make the money. 

Not too many years ago when you wanted to find a business or service you would get the phone book off    the shelf and begin turning the pages. The advertising slogan for the business phone directory, known as the yellow pages, was "let your fingers do the walking".

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