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Diving Deeper

November 3, 2019

It's Fall and it is time to dig deeper.
What does that mean? Read On.....


Summers are a busy time for me. Kayaking, bicycling, gardening, and adventures. I'm sure it was a busy time for you as well.

We've had a couple of measurable snowfalls in Wisconsin, the temperatures have dropped to below 32 at night.

What does this mean? It means that it is time for me to go indoors and further my Qigong studies with my on-line teachers Masters Mingtong, Liu and Chan. There is so much more about Zhineng Qigong that I want/need to learn. When I took my first Zhineng Qigong class in April 2018, I had no idea that I was just scratching the surface of this amazing practice.

At some point I hope to be able to attend an in-person class with one of my teachers. I am working on manifesting that into being.

Moving into winter also means that it is time for me to begin planning and facilitating Qi Gatherings again.

What's a Qi Gathering? It is where Qigong practitioners, of all levels, come together to practice Qigong for 3-4 hours, depending on the Qi Gathering.

Last year all the Qi Gatherings had the same basic format. This year I will be offering a variety of Qi Gatherings with the focus being different at each one. Our practices will still be from Zhineng Qigong but the emphasis will change.

Here's an idea of what these gathering might look like:

  • Qi Gathering 1)  Chi Massage - 6 Direction La Chi - Sound Healing

  • Qi Gathering 2)  Body Mind Movements - Rotational 6 Direction La Chi - Sound Healing

  • Qi Gathering 3) Lift Chi Up~Pour Chi Down - Core Body Improvement Movements - Sound Healing

I'm sure you noticed that Sound Healing will be done at each Gathering. That is because it is so powerful that it just has to be part of each Gathering.

I'm thinking about hosting a Qi Gathering at my home sometime this month to see how the Qi Gathering # 1 flows. We did some chi massage at a Packwaukee practice but haven't done it at the other practice groups yet. It is a series of small movements done to massage our organs. If you would be interested in attending, let me know. I need to come up with a date and time yet so you are not committed if you respond yes. The fee for this experimental group would be $15.00 instead of the usual $25.00.

                          be well,

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