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Hun Yuan Qi Field Poem

April 6, 2019

This morning I found this writing about the Hun Yuan Qi Field by Dr. Pang. In our Zhineng Qigong practice we talk about the Hun Yuan Qi Field - the Universal Qi Field.

This writing explains the infinite power of Hun Yuan Qi (HYQ).
Please join us at a Qigong Practice group or Qi Gathering to learn more about the Hun Yuan Qi Field.
无微不入, 无大不容,
HYQ is in everything no matter if it is tiny or huge
All matter possesses mass, energy and information
无远不到, 无高不登,
HYQ reaches infinite distance and height
无物不化, 无形不成,
There is nothing HYQ cannot transform
There is nothing HYQ cannot form
无能不转, 无能不生,
There is nothing HYQ cannot transmute, produce and create
无坚不摧, 无碍不通,
HYQ has the power to destroy the toughest or strongest of all matter
It has the power to clear blockages
无毒不解, 无病不平,
HYQ has the power to detoxify any noxious substance
There is no illness that it cannot cure
无灾不克, 无求不应,
HYQ has the power to conquer adversity
It responds to your request for transformation
WIshes will be granted satisfactorily
HYQ turns impossibility to success
Express your wish wholeheartedly
HYQ works with your sincerity and honesty
HYQ will purify your bone marrow with good information which will transform into positive qi
It purifies your blood and nourishes your cells
更易形神, 变换气质,
It transforms your body and mind, as well as your temperament
虚豁灵融, 清澈透通,
It leads you to enter the state of trance and the harmonious state of mind
that is clear of blockages
纯净无杂, 能映能应。
H^Q is pure without taint
It reflects and responds to good information
健康, 快乐, 超常!
Health, happiness, become the normal
正念充心, 正气充身,
Heart is full of right mindfulness
Body is full of positive qi
Hun Yuan Ling Tung, merges into body and heart in harmony as one

Translated by Hayley Kannangara


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