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the Gift of Dis-Ease

July 30, 2018

If you follow me on Facebook you might have seen that I have been challenged recently with what appears to be an intestinal virus. This experience has been a teacher and a gift.
              Here's my thoughts from this morning....

I woke up early this morning, moonlight streaming through the bedroom window, feeling a gentle breeze, hearing the wind chime and I was overwhelmed with an immense sense of gratitude. Then I had a vision of my virus with a big expiration date stamped across it.

What an A-ha moment that was!

In my post yesterday about canceling Qigong practice for today, I whined about how long I’ve been sick. According to internet resources, intestinal viruses last 3-10 days. I thought about all the people in this world, including a number of friends, who have a chronic illness that doesn’t have an expiration date. Everyday those people get out of bed and deal with whatever symptoms their health challenge presents. The symptoms can vary in form and intensity from day to day.

As I sat with these thoughts, I began to feel gratitude for having had this virus. I’ve learned much including:

It’s hard to be still or conversely, to move when your whole body is in pain

How to alter my daily Qigong practice for sitting or lying down

I can live without coffee and chocolate

That everyday household tasks can be broken down into smaller steps and done as my energy allowed. Changing sheets is exhausting!

That I need to have a roll of cushiony soft toilet paper stashed away. The “green” toilet papers are environmentally friendly but not user friendly when you are going to the bathroom countless times per hour

And that I have been given a very good and healthy life which I must not take for granted.

This month I am taking a class to learn Qigong movements and techniques for those living with chronic illness - Qigong to help people heal those challenges. The timing of this class and that virus was not an accident. My recent experience gave me an understanding, albeit on a very small scale, of what it is like to live with dis-ease.

The Universe has no coincidences - all that happens - happens with good reason - it’s up to us to, if we choose, to unveil the gift.

The class I’m taking is an on-line class. If you want to learn more about it, email me and I'll forward the information to you.

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