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The Benefit to Walking Backwards through Life

March 27, 2017

In our "For Women Only" Qigong practice groups one of the movements we do is the Crane walk. In this movement we lift our arms imitating the movement of the wings of those magnificent Cranes. This gentle movement helps us to breathe more slowly and fully, keeps our shoulders loose and gives a gentle workout to our arm muscles. 

After doing just the arm movements a few times we begin raising our leg and pointing our toes down. This leg movement improves our balance, keeps the hip joint moving, increases energy-oxygen and blood flow to our feet, and gently strengthens the thigh muscles. 

Next we add stepping forward to this movement. We lift our leg, toes point down, and we slowly step forward. We consciously place our foot on the floor - heel touching first then allowing the bottom of our foot to slowly come into full contact with the floor. 

After gracefully walking forward - raising our arms and legs for a number of steps - we lower our arms and walk backwards. Our toes touch the floor first and our heels make a gentle thump as we place our foot on the floor.

When I first tell the group that we will be walking backwards there are reactions of disbelief, concern, and curiosity. As we begin walking backwards those "I don't know if I can do this" thoughts and concerns about safety fall aside and there is laughter. 

We've all heard that old adage "laughter is the best medicine" so the laughter is good but there are other benefits to walking backwards as well. 

Below is a list of the mental and physical benefits of walking backwards from the website 

Mental benefits

  • enhanced sense of body awareness

  • increased body coordination and movement in space

  • helps avoid workout boredom 

  • improves overall mood

  • helps with sleep cycles

  • motivates you to step outside your comfort zone 

  • keeps your mind guessing 

  • sharpens your thinking skills and enhances cognitive control

  • puts senses into overdrive, improving vision

Body benefits

  • increases strength in lesser-used leg muscles 

  • helps rehabilitate knee injuries

  • improves walking technique and form

  • helps with balance

  • burns calories

  • helps you maintain a healthy weight

  • strengthens bones and muscles

  • boosts energy levels

  • elevates body’s metabolism

Ladies, please join me for one of the "For Women Only" Qigong practices I facilitate. They are every Tuesday at 1:30 in Mauston, WI and the fourth Sunday (there's one this Sunday - March 26th) at 2:00 in Oxford, WI.  Click here for more information. 

I am also available to do a one hour "For Women Only" Qigong presentation for your women's organization.
                          be well,


The most powerful tool for healing - lies within you

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