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Where's the best place to practice qigong?

March 18, 2017

The answer is - wherever you are! 

I have practiced qigong while sitting at a red light - standing in a long check out lane - while on a walk - sitting in my kayak - pedaling my recumbent trike - in my yard - in my house - while standing at the copy machine - at boring or frustrating meetings - in church - at the doctor's office - and the list goes on and on. 

While in general, we receive more benefit from 30 minutes of practice than 2 minutes sometimes that 2 minutes of practice can be crucial to our health by lowering our blood pressure and reducing our stress.

For example, while stuck in traffic. The size of your movements will be smaller than if you were standing but they are still beneficial. Doing the qigong movement "Breathing of the Universe" while stuck in a traffic jam is much healthier than looking at the clock, honking your horn, and fretting about when traffic will get moving. You have no control over the traffic but you do have control of what you do with your time while you wait for the traffic to move.

Have you ever gotten into the wrong check out lane in the store? That's the one where they have to do a price check, or there is a change in cashiers, or they are switching the money drawer, etc. There's people behind you. You are stuck there. You can read those magazines they have in the checkout lane, you can become frustrated and complain to the person behind you, or you can practice qigong. What's a better use of your time? 

Maybe you would feel odd physically doing the qigong movements in the check out lane but you can do them in your mind. Visualization is one of the tools we use in our qigong practice. So begin doing qigong in your mind. See yourself doing the movements. Your breathing will become slower, your frustration will lessen, and you'll be doing something far healthier for you than putting those checkout lane candy bars in your cart or reading about the latest Hollywood scandal. 

I'll write more about the best place to practice qigong in the next Moving Your Energy newsletter. 


Did you know that I facilitate 4 weekly Qigong practice groups?

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I also do a monthly Qigong for Women practice on the fourth Sunday of each month. Click here to learn more. 

                          be well,

The most powerful tool for healing - lies within you

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