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Soothing your eyes and how it all began

February 6, 2017

A participant in one of my qigong practice groups asked if practicing qigong could help him with some challenges he was dealing with his eyes. As you know, qigong is a healing art and helps us to heal every part of our body but there are some things we can do to specifically help certain conditions.

Below is a list of exercises which will help with eye strain and any type of eyesight challenge.

Turn head to one side – take a breath
Then turn to the other side - breath
Repeat three times
Place your thumbs on your temples and rub the middle knuckle of your index finger across your eyebrows nine times
Now do the same under the eyes on the cheek bone (not on the fleshy area under the eyes) 9 times
Run your finger along both sides of nose up to eyebrows 9 times
Tap occipital ridge (base of skull)
Rub hands briskly getting them nice and warm then place over both eyes
Roll eyes in one direction 36 times (eyelids open or closed – you choose)
Rub hands briskly getting them nice and warm then place over both eyes
Roll in other direction 36 times
Tap on the top of the arm at the crease of the elbow (liver point)
Rub top of foot (between the big toe and second toe  - liver point)
Look at the color green. This is soothing for the eyes.

If you have any questions about this please email me.

Please join us at a weekly practice group to learn more about the gentle healing movements of qigong.

My Story

This morning, as I sat drinking a cup of Salted Caramel coffee with frothed milk perched on its surface, I reflected on my Qigong journey.

I first heard of qigong in 2008 when I worked as the Integrative Medicine Coordinator at the Lake Delton Clinic in Lake Delton, WI.  A patient asked me when we would be having Steven Spiro do a qigong workshop. One of my responsibilities was to scheduled workshops and I replied that I would look into it. At the time, I didn't know Steven and didn't even know what qigong was. 

I found that Steven had taught at the clinic before I began working there, taught at other places locally and that he had a very good reputation and following. I contacted Steven, set up a workshop, and posted the information in the clinic newsletter. In just a few days the workshop was filled to capacity. I ended up giving up my space in the workshop to someone who called and was disappointed that the workshop was filled. 

The week before Stevens’s workshop I was in a bookstore. As I took a book off the shelf another one fell to the floor. That book was "Happy for No Reason" by Marci Shimoff. I flipped through a few pages and saw a photo of a very happy looking Chinese man. I read the two page story of Chunyi Lin and the company he had founded, Spring Forest Qigong. Intrigued by what I read, I looked up Spring Forest Qigong (SFQ) on the internet when I got home and that same day signed up for a weekend qigong class at SFQ in Minnesota.

When I spoke with Steven after his workshop at the clinic he shared that Chunyi Lin was his first qigong teacher. I felt that I had made a good decision. 

So this is where my Qigong journey began. I will always be grateful to the person who suggested I have Steven do a Qigong workshop and I am grateful that Marci’s book fell off the shelf at the book store.

I'll share more of my Qigong journey in another newsletter.

                          be well,

The most powerful tool for healing - lies within you

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