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Pigs Fly? Yes, they can.

January 30, 2017

Moving Your Energy website

Almost daily I post something related to qigong on the Moving Your Energy Facebook page. I know that not everyone is on Facebook and so they don't get the benefit of reading those posts. Recently I found a way to have those posts appear automatically on my website. Here's the link to that page. I hope you enjoy reading them. 

Tongue on the Roof of the Mouth

When we practice qigong we place our tongue on the roof of the mouth. The reason for this is that this is where the very important governing and conception energy channels meet. These two energy channels (meridans) form what is called the "small universe" or "microcosmic orbit" within our bodies.

The main energy channels in our bodies all connect to the governing and conception meridans so it is vital that the energy flows unimpeded through the "small universe".

Where do I place my tongue?

Say the word "let". The place where your tongue touched the roof of your mouth is where you want to keep your tongue during practice. This might be challenging at first but in time it will become easier and very natural. Once this placement becomes easy, try placing your tongue further back on the roof of your mouth and see how that feels.

A Personal Note

Many of you have grown accustomed to looking for my truck with the Pigsfly license plate to know if I am at our qigong practice site yet. My wonderful 2003 Pigsfly Toyota truck now has 277,000 miles on it. She still runs fine but my children have concerns about me taking her on long trips so I bought a "new to me" Toyota Sienna van. 

Did you ever wonder why my plates are Pigsfly? If you're curious, here's the is about believing. There was a time in my life when I was very insecure and had little self confidence. Then a Hopi elder shared this message with me..."you need to change your thinking. Instead of thinking "seeing is believing" change that to "believing is seeing". That was such a powerful message for me. It changed my life. I got those Pigsfly plates as a reminder that if you believe pigs can fly, they can. If you believe you can do something, you can. 

I was disappointed that I couldn't get Pigsfly license plates for my van. After giving it a lot of thought and consulting friends, the van plates I applied for are Qiigong. Yes, I know that's not how you spell Qigong but that's what was available and I am fine with that. I hope they get here soon.

So watch for the Qiigong swagger wagon at your qigong practice site. Pigsfly will still be making appearances on the roads and in the parking lots near you. I intend to see her odometer turn to 300,000 before I consider retiring her. 

   be well,

            remember - if you believe it - you will see it

the most powerful tool for healing - lies within you


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