Products, Books & Companies that  I like, use  and recommend


I use Cedarcide products on my dog, my cats, in my yard and on myself. Cedarcide creates non-toxic products that help to eliminate ticks, mosquitoes and other critters that we don't want in our lives. 

Xero Shoes

When I'm not wearing my five finger shoes these are what you'll see on my feet. They have zero drop, meaning that the heel is not raised. This means that you walk in the way our bodies were meant to walk. If we were supposed to have our heels raised up higher than the rest of our foot I think we would have been born that way.

Trust the Process 


This is a wonderful book about transformation written by my friend Jill.

The Alchemist by Pauleo Coelho

I've read this book more times than I can remember. It will always be on my book shelf and in my heart.

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